Mrs. Ronda's
What Parents Say...

"The headmistress at our daughter's new school literally did not believe that students her age were capable of her level of work. Rather than repeat what she learned at Mrs. Ronda's [kindergarten], our daughter just skipped first grade. We feel that being with you laid the groundwork for her continued advanced progress."

"We have seen the benefits of your Montessori Kindergarten twice now. [Our kids] gained so much knowledge, self confidence, and leadership skills during their time at your school, and each of them entered first grade with the confidence that they were capable to excel...they continue to draw upon skills from your program. They are both good readers and in advanced math and very comfortable with the social dynamics of school. We are happy customers! We love the program, we think the teachers are excellent, and we are grateful that we found your school."

"In her three years here, our child has been taught reading, math, science, geography....and has also been provided with time for play, singing, and developing friendships. This is a school with happy children where academics and a joy for learning flourish...Since graduating from your Kindergarten, our child has enrolled in elementary school....she was given an entrance exam and scored at a fifth grade level!"


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