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School is going wonderfully well!!  We had a wonderful spring and summer and we appreciate working with your children!!
Our spring creatures all hatched!!  We had ladybugs, Cecropia, and Painted Lady butterflies. We got to see the entire metamorphosis of these wonderful creatures!  We made booklets and finally, let our critters go outside!!  We grew carrots, grass, flowers and got to water and care for these.  We have enjoyed many wonderful areas of study and we have enjoyed spring and summer so much and now we are very excited about fall!!  We are eager to do the fall nomenclatures of the bat, spider, and pumpkin, and of course the leaf study which will encompass identifying many different kinds of leaves and learning the parts of the leaf!! We look forward to this with great anticipation!

  The children are learning so very much!!  We are learning all the Continents of the World as well as making Continent books, labeling the continent puzzle and the elementary class has punched-out and painted the Continents and assembled and glued them onto the Eastern and Western Hemispheres!!  We sing a Continent Song as well that the children really enjoy!!
  We are working on Land Forms and the children are having so much fun with that! We are doing land, air and aquatic animal studies and
the older children are working with flags of the world, and states and capitals!  It has been an exciting time!!

What a privilege to work with your very special little ones!! We truly love what we do and feel so honored to spend time with your children!!
Thank you for sharing your precious ones with us!!

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